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Q&A: Is Christmas a holiday with pagan roots?

Question: I've heard that December 25th has pagan roots and believers are foolish to participate in a pagan holiday. What's the truth?

Imagine for a moment that you — a believer and follower of Jesus — live right next door to a pagan. Now imagine that on a particular day of the year both you and your neighbor choose to celebrate something related to your faith. Your neighbor, as a pagan, celebrates his pagan deities and holds a feast and invites his friends. You, on the other hand, use that very same day to celebrate the Lord who created all things and who saved you from your sin. Like your neighbor, you also hold a feast and invite your friends.

Now the question: Are you celebrating a pagan holiday simply because your celebration lands on the same day as your neighbor's?

If pagans at one time in history used December 25th to celebrate their pagan deities, does that mean that date is forever off-limits to believers of the One true God? And if so, WHY?? Did not the God, whom you and I serve, Create ALL THINGS...including the days of the year?? Why then should ANY of those days be off limits or unavailable to Christians simply because some poor pagan soul used that day to worship a god that is really no god at all?

I have been celebrating Christmas ever since I can remember. For me, December 25th has ALWAYS been about celebrating the incarnation — God becoming a man in the Person of Jesus Christ. When I grew up I learned that December 25th had also been used for a pagan celebration. But that information didn't affect me at all, because paganism has never been part of my reality. In other words, for me, December 25th has only ever been a celebration of the goodness and mercy of God. And it remains so to this day.

Here's the point. To celebrate a pagan holiday I must 1) be a pagan and, 2) worship what pagans worship. And yet those descriptions don't apply to me. I am a child of the Living God, and I serve and worship Him alone. I, for one, am NOT about to surrender one single day of the calendar to pagans. They have no right to take the days my God created as if they were their own. All 365 days of the year belong to the One who made them.


  1. Thanks Pastor Paul for the insight. This has been an issue in my family and extended family. Your thoughts also align with mine and it's good to have an ally.. Anthony Hughes

  2. A brilliant answer Pastor Paul. Christmas day for me the day to be thankful that God came down to rescue me a sinner. Your messages are so very clear. Thank you.

  3. Amen, my brother. To worry about December 25th because it was a Pagan holiday would be like worrying about driving a car because Bonny and Clyde used one to rob banks.

  4. LOL at the B&C analogy, also well put

  5. Paul, permission to use this piece as we approach the holidays?

  6. What is your opinion regarding Christmas tree and santa claus

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